You accuse me of being an iceberg.

An emotional iceberg.

Ha! If I’m an iceberg,

I am fresh and independent

Broken away from the stagnant ice.

You have pushed me away from the

ancient glacier that cannot be sustained.

I choose to float on the sea.

Stop sending ships after me.

Stop being surprised that there is

More beneath the surface

That you never saw.

Only the explorers capable of reaching

greater depths

have seen these parts

of me.

But you . . .

You accuse me of being an iceberg

I touch everything that comes

too close.

I tear into the depth of everything

in my path.

Only the well built will survive

my inquiry.

You are a puddle.

I only touch you when I can’t avoid you.

and I avoid you at a distance.

You show all of yourself right away.

I see your entirety instantly.

You can only reflect the surface

of other things,

even when they pass through


But I can see through you.


have never seen


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